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Real estate management is the oversight of the operational, financial and maintenance aspects of commercial and residential properties to keep the premises in good condition and increase their value. Avarts Housing limited provides services for multiple buildings country wide.
Some of the commercial and residential real estate that property management companies cover may include;
• Commercial buildings like arcades or shopping centers
• Residential houses
• Apartments (furnished or unfurnished)
• Warehouses
• Commercial or industrial estates
• Farmlands or agricultural estates
• Empty or idle land – Feasibility studies can be done for this kind of property to ensure that the highest return on investment is obtained.

Who is a real estate manager?

A good property management company is one that efficiently operates a real estate property when the owner is unable, or is not interested in doing so.
The company must have a Certificate of Incorporation from Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) which is responsible for registration of all companies in Uganda, a Certificate of Registration from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and a Trading License from the city council where the company operates. For real estate owners, we advise to always confirm whether the company you intend to hire is tax compliant and has all the necessary documents to avoid legal problems.
Another organization that property management companies register with is the Association of Real Estate Agents of Uganda (AREA-Uganda), which is set up to professionalize the real estate industry and bring together all professional real estate players.
Real estate managers have excellent interpersonal and analytical skills, including the ability to communicate with real estate owners, staff and tenants in an effective and efficient manner. Computer literacy, record keeping and strong leadership abilities are also required. Knowledge of maintenance and construction works, building and furnishing, land title processing and equipment used is necessary for more hands-on positions within the organization.

Why use property managers

Using property management services can help you handle issues concerning the property, especially if you stay far from your property. These issues include rent collection, supervision of service providers, repair and maintenance.
Also other services provided by property managers are quality assurance, bill payments, financial reporting and rental income tax filing.
Management companies always deal directly with other parties like tenants and service providers, saving you time and worry while providing profit to you without being involved in the day-to-day management of your property.
Generally a property management company can run the business for you, while you only approve proposed expenditure and receive the balance on rent at the end of the month, at a small fee.