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Here you can find the latest news about Avarts but also about real estate in Kampala and the rest of Uganda, AREA-Uganda and the Estate & Home magazine

Avarts Housing Ltd to promote Real Estate In Uganda

AREA 7th Annual Meeting

The 7th Uganda Real Estate Conference & Expo 2019

Monday 28th October 2019


Avarts to promote practical education in Uganda

Tuesday, june 2, 2015
Daily Monitor

Avarts to promote practical education


Renting a property

Via http://www.lamudi.co.ug

Rent a property in Uganda


Would you rather buy in an estate?

By Agnes K. Namaganda, Daily Monitor

Wednesday, September 12 2012

In Summary

The idea of living in an estate revolves around living in an organized environment where housing and social amenities like a football ground, schools, medical centre, worship places and shopping centres have all been planned for.


How to reap big in the real estate sector with minimum investment

Wednesday, June 6 2012, www.ugandan-news.com

Becoming a successful real estate agent is a combination of investing time in education, (formal or otherwise), money, searching a broker who can help you get your first clients and becoming smart and aggressive. But that’s not all there is to the industry. There are some of the more overlooked aspects of the real estate business and a person with a small budget can stiil penetrate the industry.


Bank of Uganda, UBOS to collect data on real estate

The New Vision, Thursday, 26th May 2011

THE Bank of Uganda has teamed up with the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) to collect data on the prices of real estate to bolster the supervision of the construction sector.

“The rising prices of land and housing are partly the reason that the West had a financial crisis.

“We are partnering with UBOS to capture the average price of land to analyse the risks that the construction sector poses to the financial sector,” said Robert Mbabazire, the Central Bank assistant director at the supervision department.