Location Guide


Kololo is an upscale neighbourhood, ideally located only 5 minutes drive from the Central Business District. It is a mixed neighbourhood, with both residential and commercial areas. Most properties are large, stand alone bungalows, mixed with commercial buildings for large companies. One can also find many Embassies in this area, as well as the Kololo Airstrip, which is used for many government functions.


Naguru is another posh neighbourhood in Kampala and is mainly a residential area. Although Naguru also knows small plots and houses, most properties are large, stand alone bungalows. Naguru lies at approximately 10-15 minutes drive from Kampala's central business district.


Bugolobi is one of the older neighbourhoods of Kampala. It is famous for its Bugolobi Flats, which were built in the nineteen seventies. Besides the flats, Bugolobi knows many large properties. With its developed infrastructure, its closeness to the central business district (about 5 minutes drive) and its lavish outlook, it is among the upscale neighbourhoods of Kampala.


Bukoto is a middle class, mainly residential neighbourhood, 10-15 minutes drive from Kampala's central business district. Due to its good location (next to the posh neighbourhood of Naguru and the bustling Ntinda area) its properties are on high demand, both for rent and sale.


Ntinda is a bustling neighbourhood, with its many restaurants, shops and supermarkets and its central location connecting to many other neighbourhoods, like Naguru, Kiwatule, Kisaasi, Nakawa, Naalya and Najera. Its houses are both for middle and upper class residents. Especially Ntinda Ministers' Village has many upscale properties that are high on demand. A drive to the city centre will take approximately 20-25 minutes.


Muyenga is a mixed residential and commercial area. It houses many restaurants, hotels and offices, but also residential homes can be found there. It lies next to the bustling Kabalagala with its many bars and restaurants and one of Kampala's larger universities. On top of Muyenga hill, one has a great view to Lake Victoria. Muyenga lies at approximately 10 minutes drive from Kampala's central business district.