Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Association of Real Estate Agents(AREA) wishing their first President and CEO a  happy Birthday on 6th June, 2020

Avarts staff show team spirit to each other as they pause for a group photo on Friday 29 March, 2019 on Staff meeting day.

Background of CSR:

At Avarts Housing Ltd we believe that giving back to the community we serve is the only way to consolidate our existence and be part of the social-economic development process. In respect to this ideology, through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Avarts Housing Ltd established the Avarts Housing Foundation to champion the following programs:

1. Avarts Real Estate Scholarship
The ARES program in partnership with UAAH Germany and St. Theresa Vocational Secondary School Mahyoro-Kamwenge District under RENA Foundation Uganda to pay full University Tuition fees to the well performing needy Senior Six Student every after three Years. The Condition is that, the Student must have been the best in his/her class and having interest to study real estate related studies and working at Avarts Housing Ltd while studying. This way we hope to fully Educate, Mentor and practically orient an individual into the real estate profession. The first student under this program completed his studies in May 2015, the second one has completed in May 2018 and the third one is to start in August 2018.

2. Avarts Housing for the Elderly Women
The program aims at providing basic shelter to elderly women in bad housing conditions. More often these women have children under their care yet they can barely afford the basic necessities of shelter, food, education among others. As a player in the real estate sector, the Avarts Housing Foundation hopes to assist some of these women by constructing basic houses for them.  We believe that availing a basic but clean shelter will prolong the life span of the elderly women and the children they support at large, especially by combating health problems related to poor housing conditions.

3. Avarts Post Harvesting Warehousing facilities

Uganda is a food basket as referred to on many forums but farmers continue to suffer inconsistency in supply and bad quality produce. Part of the problem is the post harvesting methods and in particular storage facilities. Avarts would wish to construct affordable warehousing facilities in different produce locations to enable farmers store at affordable prices and with quality storage so as to sell their produce at attractive prices and in large volumes without haste which causes them to be taken advantage of by the middle men.

4. Avarts Micro Housing Finance

There is need for micro housing finance for incremental building. This type of financing is generally vital for Women involved in small enterprises. They do not have collateral to qualify for the traditional mortgages but disciplined enough to borrow incrementally using their cash flow, sales agreements and merchandise as collateral.

5. Avarts Youth Empowerment through Theatre, Training and Sports

This program focuses on Skills development by building the capacity of Youth through self-confidence and expression through theatre, development of talent through Sports and overall training in skills development especially in craftmanship e.g Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Masonry, painting etc.


Partnerships are welcome to  bring to reality the above five pillars of Avarts Housing Foundation.


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