Renting a property


Rent a property in Uganda

Uganda has many beautiful properties to be rented to tenants. When renting you are more flexible, have less responsibility, and can plan your costs easier than during a purchase of a property. Today renting property is much easier due to the internet. There are many online real estate website that will provide you with many listings, carefully chose the apartment, house, or office space you are planning to rent by taking the following steps into consideration.

What to take into consideration when renting property

The rent you are planning to pay should be in the same price range as all other houses, flats, or office spaces in the area/district of your choice. In order to avoid any rental issues during your lease time, make sure to read the lease agreement carefully before signing it. The rent should not be higher than about a third of your monthly income otherwise you could enter a bad financial situation. Before signing the contract, take a look around the area of your apartment complex or house. It is very important that you feel comfortable and have easy access to a supermarket, pharmacy, and a train or bus station. Also when visiting the apartment, house, or office space make sure all the appliances work; tell the landlord of any problems in order to avoid additional costs at the end. Renting a property is not hard; however, one should take these aspects into consideration.

The benefits of renting a property

When renting a house, flat, or apartment one is flexible and not depended on one location. You can rent a house for a year or two and then change your environment completely. One does not have to worry about finding someone to buy the property, when renting the house or flat you just have to wait for the lease agreement to end. If there is a leakage in the roof or the heater does not work, the lessor is liable. Comparing to buying a house or flat where one has to commit for a long period of time, as a tenant one is more flexible and overall has less responsibility. In addition you do not run the risk to lose a lot of money due to a decrease in real estate prices because you do not own the property. If you know that your job requires you to stay in different places over a short period of time or are not in the financial situation to commit to a house, office space, or apartment then renting a property suits you.