Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, we believe that giving back to the community we serve is the only way to consolidate our existence and be part of the social-economic development process. In respect to this ideology, Avarts Housing Ltd has established the Avarts Housing Foundation to champion the following programs: 1. Avarts Real Estate Scholarship This is a program in partnership with UAAH Germany and St. Theresa Vocational Secondary School Mahyoro-Kamwenge District under RENA Foundation Uganda to pay full University Tution fees to the well performing needy Senior Six Student every after three Years. The Condition is that, the Student must have been the best in his/her class and having interest to study real estate related studies and working at Avarts Housing Ltd while studying . This way we hope to fully Educate, Mentor and Practically orient an individual into the real estate profession. The first student under this program is completing his studies this May 2015. For More information about the Scholarship. 2. Housing for the Elderly Women This program aims at providing basic shelter to elderly women in bad housing conditions. More often these women are left with grandchildren who are under their care and therefore hygiene issues are enormous which result into health related problems. We believe that by availing a basic but clean shelter will prolong the life span of the elderly women and the household occupants at large. We seek partnerships in this program through identifications of these women and also provision of materials for construction and other donations. 3. Charity towards the Health Sector The staff of Avarts Housing Ltd, both men and women participated in the sporting event that took place on Sunday, 19th November, at the Kololo Independence Grounds as a team building event which gave back to society. The event was organized by MTN, and the staff participants chose where their donations/proceedings would go, in other words running for two different causes – either "To Improve Komamboga and Kiswa Maternal Health Centers" or "To Reduce Child Exposure To Cancer By Replacing Cancer Causing Asbestos Roofing in 20 Kampala Schools". For inquiries about the CSR Programs, please contact: E:, T: +256 393 289 532